Never Had An Original Idea? You’re Right On Track!

Over the past 19 years, we’ve helped thousands of professionals improve their creativity skills through our Creative Focus® tools and training. In the classroom, participants often bring a skepticism about creativity that manifests itself like this: “I’m not a naturally creative person. Original ideas come from the ‘creative’ types.”  This belief stems from an often misguided perception that creativity is about original ideas – the “eureka” moments that we read about in books and websites.

In our observation, this kind of creative solution finding is rare. More frequently, creative solutions are found by people who “borrow” ideas from other places and apply them to the challenge at hand. This is the central concept of a new book called The Idea Hunter: How to Find The Best Ideas and Make Them HappenRead more…

Want to be good at creativity? Be bad at creativity.

Virtually anywhere you reside in the world of business today, you are challenged to get creative – in finding new business opportunities, doing more with less, finding creative solutions to nagging problems, etc. But for many of us, finding creative solutions is an elusive endeavor. And even for the few who have a spark of natural creativity, finding real solutions is a hit-and-miss proposition at best.

I recently came across two authors who advocated the same approach to finding creative solutions to business problems. Their advice is this – in order to be good at creativity, you first need to be bad at it. In other words, look for bad ideas before you try for good ideas. Hmmm, this seems interesting. Ever been in a meeting where bad ideas abound? Now you can use these to find good ideas.

Take a look at the posts below. They are brief, but worthy of remembering next time you need to find a creative solution to a nagging problem.

Why you should come up with at least 1 bad idea today

How to Be More Creative (Step 1: Destroy)

There are many tools and methods available to help stimulate creativity in business situations. What methods have worked for you? Any tips to help make the creative process more effective?

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